Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Vocal Update

I fucking love art. Art is my dream girl. Art is my morning wood. All art all the time. Please sir, I want some more. Thank you Sir may I have another.

Now I've been sadly absent in posting on this blog and I feel entirely guilty for it. In fact, I've been sadly absent in making art up until recently and it has taken me some time to really work up the courage to post here again. I've got the usual range of lame excuses that I won't go into detail about, but none of that really matters and as I said before up until recently the fact remains that I haven't been doing much at all. I feel differently now. I've been sketching up a storm, and putting together a whole new theme of work that I'm entirely devoted to. Stella's got her groove back, you might say. Go ahead.. say it. I've reintroduced myself to my gal Art and she has swept me off my feet again.

Let me explain. A few months ago I hit a depression and it was all I could do to even get out of bed to go to work let alone commit to draw at least once a day. I had no drive, no inspiration, and no confidence that what I was doing was good enough anymore. Considering what was happening in my life at that moment I suppose it was understandable, but I forgot the simplest thing about Art: It's Fucking Awesome. I had forgotten why it is I do art; I forgot what art does for me.

I do art because it feels good. Art is like sex, art is sex. Just think about it for a moment. For those of you reading this who are fellow artists, why do you do art? Why do you have sex? Its fun, it feels good, it fulfills that natural instinct to reproduce. You do something weird and different once, and its all you can think about the next time you get down and dirty (of course I'm talking about drawing with charcoal). Seriously though, you can relate this feeling to basically anything you feel passionate about and it doesn't even have to do with art. I can't remember in recent times when I would come straight home from work because all I wanted to do was lock myself away in my room and do nothing but caress and handle a piece of paper like it was some foxy Swedish chick. I mean... I'm naturally incredibly introverted, but that's besides the point. Art never left my side, I took a break I suppose... or ran away because my confidence was destroyed, but now that I've got at least a modicum of that confidence back art is all I think about. The coolest thing about it? EVERYTHING IS RELEVANT. Everything. Yup, all of it. Anything you could possibly think of, I or someone I know could tell you of one person whose done some piece of art including or related to it. Refrigerators. Yup, I know of at least two people off the top of my head who've done art about or including a refrigerator.

I know I'm showing my art boner by writing this, geeking out over something that some people may not even understand, but I'm an exhibitionist with art and I want you to see it ALL. I'm proud of what I do, and I'll proudly make myself vulnerable to peoples' opinions and expectations if it means that for at least in the time it takes me to write this all out, I can admit that and truly believe it.

I will have a visual update coming along soon. I'm also scoping out new territory to establish a new website. Gonna get my girl a new dress and take her out on the town, gonna make all the other boys jealous.

Stay tuned in for updates on my upcoming show with John W. titled "CHECK FOR MONSTERS" happening this October. Remember to drink you milk!

If you're impatient to see new work before I post it here, creep me up on Instagram.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Feldmanns

This was done for my Boss's wife as strange as that sounds, for the company Xmas party. I drew her name in a Secret Santa shuffle.

They had it for a few days before my Boss brought it back to me. 'Cause I spelled their name wrong...
Either way it gave me an opportunity to go back into a piece and make it better, which I don't always do by choice. Enjoy!

The Edit.

 And The Finish.

Some Mark Schultz inspired work.

Mark Schultz Has got my brain on fire. I want it all.

His pet project Zenozoic Tales #1, which first appeared in Death Rattle #8. 


Here are some tattoo flash designs that have been dwelling in the recesses of my iPhone for the past 5 months.

Sorry for the shitty Instagram photos!!